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Make Room For New Expectations

Make Room For New Expectations
Photo by Sushobhan Badhai / Unsplash

Welcome to a new look for Make Room For Many. A simpler and more streamlined look that I hope brings with it fewer complexities and more connectivity.  

Starting Tuesday, February 7, 2023, the weekly Make Room newsletter will start going out weekly on Tuesday. It will be less long-form posts from just me, but more a curated glimpse at what conversations I would love to have with anyone else who is interested. From books to blogs, from lessons learned to companies back, my hope is to use my unique perch in life to share the things that are most exciting to me each week.

Last year, in addition to turning 40, getting married, going on a month-long honeymoon, and completing my first full year as an executive coach and offsite facilitator, I started the year endeavoring to build this site into a curious community. And while there were glimpses of that vision coming to pass, there really was too much making it up as I went and not enough support and time behind the scenes to make it happen.

As my wonderful wife has shared with me multiple times:

Growing up, my Dad would say the same thing,

"Gotta have a system."

Thanks to what we learned last year and the team that I've been lucky enough to build around my business, I think this year is going to Make Room for fulfilled expectations.

It doesn't cost a thing to join us. Every Make Room member will get the weekly newsletter. But if you do want to be a little more involved and intentional, every month you'll have two paid-member-only opportunities:

  • Office Hours: quick calls with me that can be just to say hello or to brainstorm your next big thing.
  • Member Meet-Ups: I am working hard to curate this community and would love for more of y'all to know each other, so let's hang out virtually.

I am excited to put this back in action and hope you'll come along for the ride with me and keep giving me ideas and feedback and sharing what excites you from your corner of the internet.