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Make Room for 3/14

This newsletter brought reconciliation between me and a long-lost friend. How cool is that?
Make Room for 3/14
Photo by Marco Bianchetti / Unsplash

You never know who is paying attention to the new things you are working on and putting out in the world. The rebirth of this newsletter is now in its sixth week and I am so grateful for everything that has already happened as a result. Especially this past week.

I got an email from someone I hadn't spoken to since 2018. Things had gone haywire for us professionally and we both let it get and stay weird. In their email, they said that this newsletter was a humanizing and welcoming reconnection point for our friendship. It meant a lot that they reached out. And if nothing else comes out of these newsletters, that was enough. Life is too short to hold grudges against Good People.

I hope that your week ahead is one that affords you an opportunity to repair a relationship that has been neglected. Whatever stood in your way the last time might be different now. It is more likely the other person wants to put the past behind them with you than it is they're still harboring ill will towards you.

Give it a shot? Let me know how it goes?  

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