Hi, I'm Andy

Hi, I'm Andy

My name is Andy Ellwood. Welcome to my clubhouse on the internet.

“You’re too curious.”

My journey hasn't been a lonely one, but I've been alone for a good portion of it.

Growing up I was often the kid who was too curious. I tended to ask one more question than I "should."

From 5th grade to high school graduation, I was homeschooled. I learned how I learned and leaned into it. I didn't have any peer pressure or other classmates around me to tell me there was any problem with continuing to ask questions until I knew that I understood.

But not everyone liked how many questions I asked. Friends would pretend to hold a sharp pin in their hand and swing it over my head and yell "pop!" in hopes of bursting my bubble and bringing me down to earth when I got excited about something or played too aggressively in a knowledge or trivia game.

I was the State of Texas Bible Quizzing Champion for 3 out of 4 years in high school. My team competed at Nationals twice.

Yeah - you're getting the picture.

In my early adult years, I was known as too driven and obsessive about my goals and habits. People said I worked too hard and dreamt too big. They told me to calm down.

I had to fire my first mentor for letting me off the hook when I missed a goal and not pushing me enough. He said I should be teaching him.  I ended that relationship shortly thereafter and went back to figuring it out on my own.

My first professional coach told me to lower my expectations for life. He said I’d never been able to be happy with such big goals and would end up miserable. I fired him and never looked back.

I realized early on that society tries to cut ambitious people down to size—to squeeze them into a box that looks like all the rest. I’m lucky enough to have escaped my box but my head still hurts from banging it against the tall walls I had to do along the way.

Many people have not yet broken out of their box, or even realize they are in one.

That is why I started Make Room for Many.

What is Make Room for Many?

“There is always room for a man of force and he makes room for many.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make Room For Many is starting as a blog that dreams of being a community. A place for becoming more curious about the world and about becoming your best self.

Together, I hope that we explore the hardest questions about work, society, and ourselves.  We discover what it takes to build lives on our own terms.

I’ve traveled the globe and helped build some of the world’s most successful startups. Now, as an executive coach and advisor, I’ve worked with high-performers and executives that are true forces of nature.

I’ve learned, through sweat and tears, the quality of your life is determined by asking the right questions—and having the courage to seek answers.

My goal is to fuel your curiosity and expand your comfort zone. Make Room For Many is a place that I hope you'll return to often and a place that I hope makes a difference in your world.

If you’re ready to push yourself and discover all life has to offer, there’s room for you here.

Find out more about joining HERE.