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Make Room For Magic Maddie

Make Room For Magic Maddie
The world is finally ready for Magic Maddie

If you know me, you know my wife Maddie is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never get tired of telling people our love story. At parties, I pray someone asks, "So, how'd you two meet?"

But the joy Maddie brings to this world is so much bigger than the smile I have on my face. Maddie is a true force of nature and is known to so many people as Magic Maddie as she has unlocked their body's natural wisdom and guided their healing process - a methodology she has spent a decade creating called Manual Movement Therapy.

As someone living with several autoimmune diseases Maddie has been on a quest for knowledge. She's learned to integrate her experiences as a professional dancer and certified physical trainer along side what she learned at the Pacific College of Health and Science, the leading eastern medicine school in NYC.

It is because of her choice to see her pain as her teacher that she was able to learn the secrets that she has leveraged to become, according to New York Magazine, the Best of New York.

It is by owning her pain story that she is helping countless others write theirs.

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

This is one of my favorite things that I hear her tell clients across the spectrum of her work. From women in both prenatal and postnatal treatments to former athletes experiencing their bodies in new ways to celebrities that look to Maddie to keep their bodies aligned while performing eight Broadway shows a week - the way she interprets what their bodies are saying is truly incredible to experience.

For the past three years, people have fought to get on her schedule, even some people have flown into NYC once a month to have Maddie work with them. The only challenge her business had was the number of hours in a day.

Last week, Maddie launched her new platform to bring access to her programming to the world and empower a global audience with the wisdom she's spent over a decade uncovering and distilling.

I hope you will check it out and join me in congratulating Magic Maddie!

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