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Love GPT

Love GPT
Photo by Nik / Unsplash

I am obsessed with so much of what is happening right now in the world of artificial intelligence. From text to images to presentations to audio, there is a whole new world being opened up. A whole new world full of new ways to create content and data, imagery and facts.

With this flood of newness comes a flood of new awkwardness as ideas and prompts are attempted but don't land. Yes, I know, that one weekend in October was a blast when we all downloaded that free AI portrait generator and deleted it the next week. I looked awesome as a Viking.

Andy Ellwood as an AI Viking

But I as have started to see the power of what this new wave of technology can do, both in harmless and entertaining ways, I am also keenly aware of how many new kinds of deception and bad actors this has the potential to fuel. Everything can be created quickly and without effort. The ads on my Instagram and Twitter all are telling me how quickly I might fall behind if I don't have AI creating everything for me right now and into the future.

And that got me thinking a lot about things that have been forged or manipulated in the past. Perhaps most valuably, forms of wealth. There have been countless attempts at forgery and imitation in the fine arts, in metallurgy, in currency, and in counterfeit bills.   The idea of pulling one over on the world to extract value is nothing new, it just hasn't been as easy as it now is with AI.

When studying how these prior bad actors were caught, I was reminded of something that I wonder how it will play out in the near future.  The one who was able to catch the bad actors in the past weren't able to do so because the fake fine art or fake currencies were so obviously fake. It wasn't that they found the flaw in the forgery. It was because they had spent so much time studying the real thing, they knew instantly when they were in the presence of a fake.

" I just like my haystacks, Bobby."

It is by knowing the truth deeper than we know anything else that we are able to quickly tease out falsehoods and lies.

And in my life, the truest thing that I have ever experienced that has no rival and shines the brightest light on all imitations and phony attempts is true love. It can't be prompted in an AI chatbot. It can't be captured in a Midjourney painting. It is not something that has ever been replicated in a laboratory or by a team of the world's greatest experts on any and all subjects.

It is the most valuable thing in the world and it will never be counterfeited.

And that is the reason I am bullish on authenticity, courage, and love in a world that increasingly feels void of truth, void of realness, and in search of something that wasn't just created in an instant but something that could last a lifetime.  

Love is the Greatest Power There is. LOVE GPT.