Make Room For Many

Better asked, "Does It All Fit Together?"

White Puzzle Pieces
Photo by Mel Poole / Unsplash

People have asked me for a long time, "when are you going to write a book?" and I have answered for a long time, "when I slow down long enough to understand what I have learned along my journey."

People have asked me a lot recently, "are you going to launch another company?" and I have deflected saying, "until I find something that I believe will take me ten years to solve, I am not going all in again."

But, after giving these somewhat canned response some thought, I've decided to share my journey toward writing a book or building anther company one day here.

I am not set on it being one thing or another, but hope to work out what is true and worth the time and effort together with you, here.

With only a little thought and direction as of this writing, here is the loose outline of the questions I am asking that might one day turn into the book I write or the company I start next.  

Chapter One: Curiosity

Chapter Two: Accountability

Chapter Three: Community

Chapter Four: Curation

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