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Make Room For Mid-May

Make Room For Mid-May
Photo by Rahul Pandit / Unsplash

I love women. I always have. I have the best Mom. I have the most amazing sister. I have grown up with some of the most amazing female friends.  I have the most incredible unicorn-of-a-human wife. I hope one day to be a girl-dad.

And I am constantly underwhelmed by the acknowledgment that these women I know receive for all the magical and amazing things they do. I am so glad that days like Mothers' Day exist, but I also so wish that these amazing women got to hear the truth of how epic their impact is more frequently than once a year on a made-up holiday backed by the Hallmark lobbying group.

I hope you acknowledged the amazing women and mothers in your life over the weekend and if you are a woman and/or mother, you got some well-deserved appreciation. And if you didn't, drop me a note so I can ping the people in your life and remind them that they had their chance and they need to try harder!

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