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Golden Buzzers

Golden Buzzers
Photo by Lucas Kapla / Unsplash

I am obsessed with talent shows. American Idol, The Voice, and especially America's Got Talent. I cry at least once per episode and frequently have my wife say, "oh babe, that one was worth the tears."

I was trying to break it down this week while watching Cam Amen get the Platinum Ticket on American Idol, "why do I love this so much?" The artistry is obviously awesome. The stories are so well told most of the time. The commitment by the person auditioning is truly inspiring. But what is my reason for loving these shows so much? I don't have any talent show-worthy talent that would get me a call back from the producers to go audition for the judges live. I don't have any aspiration of cultivating that kind of talent in my life.

So what is my reason for loving these shows? Here is what I came up with.

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