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39/40 - Learning To Sit Still

39/40 - Learning To Sit Still

When I moved to NYC and started my Biz Dev career with Gowalla, I joined TripIt to help keep all of my travel plans and mileage incentives organized. It was a genius new way of keeping everything in one place. It also told you how many trips you'd taken, how many miles you'd traveled, and how many cities and countries you'd visited each year AND in total since joining TripIt.

In March 2020, I was grounded for the first time in over a decade. I had the chance to go back and look at my travel stats for the 10+ years that I'd been on TripIt. I'd AVERAGED 143 days a year on the road. Basically two out of every four work weeks, I was gone somewhere, for ten years.

When all of a sudden I was "stuck" in NYC, I had a whole new journey to go on.

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